Suspect Convictions

The burning corpse of a 9-year old girl was found on a school playground in Davenport, Iowa, September 17, 1990. Within days of the discovery of Jennifer Lewis’ charred body, police arrested Stanley Liggins, an African American who had just been released from prison. An Iowa jury convicted him and after 26-years behind bars, an appellate court has granted him a new trial. The court’s decision was prompted by allegations of hidden evidence and potential police misconduct. Liggins will stand trial in May 2017. And once again, the question will be asked: Who killed Jennifer Lewis? Veteran journalist Scott Reeder, who was at the crime scene the night Jennifer was killed, has conducted a massive investigation examining evidence in the case, interviewing witnesses and exploring the lives of both the victim and the accused. Troubling new developments have been uncovered. Reeder teamed with the NPR affiliate, WVIK, to produce this podcast: “Suspect Convictions.”
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Mar 20, 2017

For this episode, we go back to 1990, Stanley Liggins’ living situation at the time, and some promises that Stanley claims were made to him by police and not kept. We also talk about certain missing reports that could play a role in the upcoming trial and whether there could be other reports that were never turned over.

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Mar 7, 2017

Today’s episode discusses the preliminary hearings last week, how Stanley Liggins’ personal appearance has the potential to be a factor, why the podcast was cited as part of the reason of the change of the trial venue, why that doesn’t make sense, and the fact that Scott was subpoenaed for the case and what that means going forward.

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